Senior Police Suspended After Fight With Colleague Over ‘Who May Have Nicer Breasts’

Senior Officer Suspended After Combat With Colleague Over ‘Who May Have Nicer Breasts’

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Senior Police Suspended After Fight With Colleague Over ‘That Nicer Breasts’

an elderly police was actually suspended from her work and in the end resigned from the Greater Manchester police after being discovered guilty of gross misconduct. Rebekah Sutcliffe, 49, ended up being Assistant Chief Constable in November 2016, whenever she was actually found to have behaved “shockingly, cruelly, and hurtfully” towards Supt Sarah Jackson during a gala supper at Manchester’s Hilton resort during an argument the 2 happened to be evidently having an argument over that has nicer breasts.

  1. Sutcliffe bared her tits in public.

    Throughout the debate over who had the better chest, Sutcliffe is considered having exposed her blank boobs to push the point home. Of course, carrying this out in just about any environment is unacceptable, nevertheless simple fact that this occurred at a sexy senior women in Policing supper truly performed grab the meal. They certainly were intoxicated at the time, but that’s no justification.

  2. The 2 women happened to be an overall shame.

    Because this argument/incident happened in public, everyone watched it and Sutcliffe in particular brought shame on Greater Manchester Police as the official consultant of this organization. Naturally, she ended up being instantly dangling. “A senior policeman has become dangling soon after accusations of unsuitable conduct. An investigation is actually underway therefore is unsuitable to produce more remark,” GMP told

    Oldham Chronicle

    at that time.

  3. This isn’t the 1st time Sutcliffe was in big trouble.

    She’d formerly tried to gatecrash a Labour seminar occasion at a resort but also didn’t display her commitment with a fellow officer during a disciplinary panel she was part of. Modern accusations, which include claims of bullying, appear to have been the final straw.

  4. After she was located guilty, she resigned from GMP.

    Even though the tribunal resulted in Sutcliffe being offered your final written caution for her conduct about energy, she resigned shortly after and had gotten a job with Oldham town council, with whom she’d been operating during her time as an officer. GMP mentioned that during the time of the woman disciplinary hearing, Sutcliffe was “working with Oldham Council…overseeing the development of incorporated functioning across the general public sector in addition to learning might be provided more commonly. Rebekah features extensive experience and knowledge of work thinking about public sector change. Your panels is actually for a short 6 months.” Is reasonable after that that she’s switched over full time. Discover hoping she can keep her tits out in this article!

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